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DuPont Pioneer and Danforth Center Collaborate to Apply Cutting-edge Technologies to Improve Crops for Smallholder Farmers
The suite of technologies DuPont Pioneer is providing to the project is revolutionary
expertise related to methods for using CRISPR-Cas advanced plant breeding technology for creating new, ’s proprietary methodologies, CRISPR-Cas opens up so many possibilities for agricultural improvement, .” Pioneer is applying CRISPR-Cas as an advanced plant breeding tool to develop seed products for greater environmental resiliency, productivity and sustainability. It has defined CRISPR-Cas guiding, developmental genes with CRISPR-Cas will significantly accelerate these efforts. Additional details
Recipients of African Women in Agricultural Research and Development Award Work to Improve Food Security
The career development program brought three women to the United States to study current scientific techniques to help improve global food security.
it be CRISPRCas genome editing, genomics or metabolomics, this fellowship has exposed them
Investing in Young Scientists for Global Impact
Recently, our Institute for International Crop Improvement sponsored four early-career scientists to attend the 7th annual South Asia Biosafety conference in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the premiere biosafety meeting in South Asia.
CRISPR/Cas, TALENS, ZFN, etc. The sessions including discussions about technical or practical
Bing Yang
editing technologies allow precise, targeted genomic changes. TALENs and CRISPR/Cas represent