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Bing Yang, Home, Bing Yang, PH.D. Advanced biotechnologies provide us, . CONTACT Bing Yang, Ph. D. Member and Principal Investigator Professor, Division of Plant, technologies will empower us to develop improved crops. Research Summary The main foci of Bing’s, such as disease resistance in crop plants. Bing’s group has used rice as a workhorse to develop
Danforth Plant Science Center and University of Missouri Strengthen Regional Research and Education with New Joint Appointments
Strategic Partnership Attracts Leaders in Plant Genome Editing and Epigenetics
, Ph.D. and Bing Yang, Ph.D., have been appointed to joint faculty positions between the Danforth, starts on September 1. Yang will be housed on the MU campus. “The addition of Keith Slotkin and Bing Yang accelerates our collaboration with MU,” said Danforth Center President, Jim Carrington, Sciences, at MU. He will be housed at the Center’s Creve Coeur facilities. Yang’s appointment, . “The appointments of Drs. Slotkin and Yang build on the tradition of excellence in plant biology research
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39 North Innovation District Plan Unveiled Bing Yang, will empower us to develop improved crops. Research Team Bing Yang Ph.D. Kansas State
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39 North Innovation District Plan Unveiled Bing Yang, PH.D.
Meet the New Principal Investigators at the Danforth Center
Strategic New Hires Strengthen Research, Education and Expertise
the University of Missouri - Columbia (MU) announced R. Keith Slotkin, Ph.D. and Bing Yang, Ph.D., were, is housed at the Center’s Creve Coeur facilities. Yang’s appointment as professor, Division, . Yang is housed on the MU campus. “The Danforth Center is a truly dynamic atmosphere to further, and beyond,” said Yang. Follow Keith on Twitter via: @Slotkin_Lab, (Collection), (Collection)
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a.m. "Nuclease-directed genome editing produces disease resistant rice" Bing Yang, Ph.D.
Sam Wang, Ph.D. Member and E. Desmond Lee and Family Endowed Professor Bing Yang
with the development of germplasm resources for genetics and breeding initiatives. Bing Yang, Ph.D., , Ames, IA Dr. Yang received his Ph.D. in plant pathology at Kansas State University. His research, editing in plant species. For the past 19 years, Dr. Yang has identified and characterized several