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NSF Invests in Collaborative Research to Improve Key Crops' Resilience to Higher Temperatures
Research addresses concerns about reduced harvests of corn and other cereal grasses
-Stage Non-Coding RNA in the Modulation of Anther & Pollen Development in Grasses. The research led, pathways involved in anther development and crop development when plants are challenged by adverse, the lifecycle and functions of a class of RNAs that support anther development in grass flowers, that anther development will often stall or fail under high temperatures, leaving the plants sterile, the anther’s development. Imaging can help visualize and quantify these small RNAs in relation
Cell Analgyphs
District Plan Unveiled Cell Analgyphs Anther wall thickenings Chloroplasts Cortical ER
Cell Structure
District Plan Unveiled Cell Structure Arabidopsis Anther TEM Arabidopsis flower SEM