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(St. Louis Public Radio) The challenge of feeding an increasing global population in a warmer, wealthier world
Allison Miller and Jason Clay joined St. Louis on the Air host Don Marsh.
(St. Louis Public Radio) The challenge of feeding an increasing global population in a warmer, wealthier world, Allison Miller and Jason Clay joined St. Louis on the Air host Don Marsh. READ MORE, (Collection), (Collection)
The Future of Food in a Wealthier, Warmer World
Join us March 8 for Conversations #ConvoSTL
, Senior Vice President, Markets & Food for the World Wildlife Fund, and Allison Miller Ph.D.
(Phys.org) Building a bridge from basic botany to applied agriculture
Plant scientists, including Danforth Center's Toby Kellogg, Ph.D., showcase basic plant research that provides building blocks for one of today's biggest challenges: Feeding the world in a changing climate.
applied agriculture. A special issue of the American Journal of Botany—co-edited by Allison Miller, they evolve, the genes underlying adaptive variation, and many other topics," says Miller, "the better, of such stresses, we can figure out how to keep crops producing amidst global changes." Miller points out, of different selection pressures." Miller and colleagues hope to inspire botanists to reexamine their work
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The Miller Lab’s Journey to the Danforth Center
Guest blogger, Allison Miller, Ph.D.  SLU Department of Biology navigates a new lab space during a challenging time.
The Miller Lab’s Journey to the Danforth Center, Roots & Shoots’ October Guest Blogger: Allison Miller, Ph.D. Saint Louis University Department of Biology, focused on current and emerging perennial crops and wild relatives.. I have been collaborating with Danforth Plant Science Center scientists for many years, but the events that led to my current re-location to the Danforth Center can, . Miller's lab and Danforth Center's labs will generate and I am incredibly grateful
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Roots & Shoots Blog
Receives $3.4M to Improve Maize Architecture The Miller Lab’s Journey to the Danforth Center Wednesday, October 04, 2017Guest blogger, Allison Miller, Ph.D. SLU Department
Botanical Gardens Uniquely Positioned to Meet Need for Food and Agricultural Education
“Botanical gardens are uniquely placed to present and educate the public about all the plant sciences, not just diversity and conservation, but also all the many disparate kinds of research related to plant breeding and crop production,” Elizabeth Kellogg, member of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.
Allison Miller, Associate Professor at Saint Louis University and Research Associate at the Missouri
Danforth Scientific Retreat
to Hillcrest 7:30-8:30 PM Plenary speaker Allison J Miller (Hillcrest) 8:30-8:45 PM