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(Biofuels Digest) Don’t Smoke That Fuel: ARPA-E funds energy research in tobacco, turpentines, camelina
Transformative yields for terrestrial plant oils of up to 4,000 gallons per acre are the goal of new research awards from ARPA-E.  In Washington, the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), today announced 60 cuttin ...
easier where it works as rotation crop, such as wheat-camelina or soy-corn, and especially
Research Staff
was on marker assisted selection and mutation for plant breeding of different crops, including wheat, cassava
Global Alliance shares Progress and Considers Strategies to use Modern tools to Unlock the Promise of Cassava
Kampala, Uganda, June 22, 2012—Global leaders in cassava research have drawn up an action plan to unleash the potential of cassava as a key crop to boost food security, tackle poverty and address a changing climate. Over half-a-billion people in sub ...
raw material such as high quality cassava flour that can be used as a substitute for wheat, starch
this in crops such as wheat and rice. Dr. Jianming Yu, Associate Professor, Department of Agronomy
of drought-sensitive and drought-tolerant wheat varieties identifies proteomic signatures of drought, freeze hardiness in wheat acquired by exposure to -3 degreesC is associated with extensive
technology to many important crops, including potato, tomato, cotton, soybean, corn and wheat. From 1996