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Danforth Center and Saint Louis University Establish Joint Faculty Partnership
Partnership expands research and graduate training programs
, wheat, and soybeans, which are grown from seeds each season. While perennial crops, like nut trees
NSF Invests in Collaborative Research to Improve Key Crops' Resilience to Higher Temperatures
Research addresses concerns about reduced harvests of corn and other cereal grasses
this research can also be extended to wheat and barley, two important cereal grains. “A more detailed
Elizabeth Kellogg
disparate as rice, wheat, maize, and the other cereals. Because similarity and difference are two sides, C3 crops such as rice and wheat. This project aims to identify the foundational genetic
United States Golf Association Taps Danforth Center To Improve Course Sustainability
Research will advance the development of salt-tolerant turf varieties.
also be applied to other members of the grass family, including cereal crops, such as maize or wheat
(Huffington Post) Airlines And Biofuels: Carriers Look To Alternative Fuels For The Future
Aviation is responsible for an estimated 2 percent of human-generated carbon dioxide emissions. The industry's rapid growth is doing nothing to decrease that figure, but airlines are nonetheless working to scale back their emissions. One tactic tha ...
like wheat, growing at a time when fields would otherwise be bare. This method would not only
(All Africa) Africa: Cassava Comes to the Table

It might be an abuse of artistic license, but 2012 might well be remembered as the first International Year of Cassava - in all but name.
wheat, maize and rice - a Bermuda Triangle of food crops, which for better or worse sometimes seems
"Leveraging genomic tools to fight wheat pathogens" Ksenia Krasileva, Ph.D., University of California
Ru Zhang
increases photorespiration and reduces the efficiency of photosynthesis in C3 plants (e.g. wheat, rice
diseases of wheat. His current research involves the identification of virulence effectors from rust, the development of functional genomics tools for wheat in the Dubcovsky lab at UC Davis. She applies
DuPont Pioneer and Danforth Center Collaborate to Apply Cutting-edge Technologies to Improve Crops for Smallholder Farmers
The suite of technologies DuPont Pioneer is providing to the project is revolutionary
with the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT). The Danforth Center is applying CRISPR