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of scientific discoveries - From Setaria to Maize; From Bench to Local Communities view YWCA 2016
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Golden Cassava Award Presented at International Scientific Conference
Kampala, Uganda, June 20, 2012—The Global Cassava Partnership for the 21st Century (GCP21) convened its second scientific conference on June 18 at the Speke Resort Conference Centre in Kampala, Uganda with an impressive opening ceremony featuring t ...
tungro/Cassava mosaic/Maize streak/Banana bunchy top. In 1990 he established an NRI link with William, . In Africa, it is the second most important source of calories after maize, an inexpensive
Danforth Plant Science Center and Valent BioSciences will Collaborate in Unique Root Science Initiative
Master Agreement will focus on improving agriculture with non-destructive imaging technology for root growth dynamics.
the geometry, topology, and internal organization of a maize root. Displayed is a mature maize / corn root
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and a better model for C4 crops such as maize, sorghum, and switchgrass. The research will be directed, ) is a grass species related to the major cereal grain species wheat, barley, oats, maize, rice, rye, sorghum
, millets and banana. Also included are specific improvements in crops like maize and rice that aren't, from them. In developed countries research on maize, soybeans and rice, all money-making crops, has led
of environmental factors of that effect the elemental composition of maize kernels using a dataset spanning, : Agravitropic Mapping via Bulked Segregant RNA-Sequencing in Maize Krystina Hird
Project: Translatome profiling during leaf development in maize John Hadish, : Characterization of maize mychorrhizal association and the role of Pollux
: Quantifying the Effects of Genetic and Environmental Variation Via Phenomic Analysis of Maize Root, . Ivan Baxter Lab Project: Genome-Wide Association Study of Ionomic Traits in a Maize