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(St. Louis Beacon) Robots in need of names
In Science by Jo Selzter, special to the Beacon April 18, 20 Robots may be machines, but they often seem human enough to have names and personalities.  R2-D2 and C-3PO from Star Wars are stars themselves. The Jetsons’ robot maid, Rosie, was clearly ...
, a model for cereal crops such as rice, wheat, barley and oats. He wants to identify key regulatory genes
(AlertNet) Climate Conversations - Cassava comes to the table
By Neil Palmer | Friday at 1:18 AM | Cassava harvesting near Khorat, Thailand. Photo: Neil Palmer/CIATIt might be an abuse of artistic license, but 2012 might well be remembered as the first International Year of Cassava – in all but name. That ...
wheat, maize and rice – a Bermuda Triangle of food crops, which for better or worse sometimes seems
(Future of Tech on msnbc.com Tech) DNA-wrangling robot performs 200,000 experiments a week
When you think of robots in agriculture, you likely think of automatic threshers, fruit picking machines and corn huskers. But a recent addition at an agricultural research center is doing fiddly lab work all day long -- at 100 times the rate of a ...
into is how certain plants, like wheat and rice, activate different genes encoded into their DNA
(KMOX) Charlie Brennan Interviews Matt Crisp, President & CEO of Benson Hill Biosystems
Matt Crisp, President and CEO of Benson Hill Biosystems, a St. Louis start up company created by research scientists at the Danforth Center, believes the best way to help farmers squeeze more productivity out of their farmland is by improving the photosynthesis process.
corn, soybeans, wheat, rice and sugarcane were the company’s “priority” crops. Benson Hill’s name
Meet 15th Annual Fall Symposium’s Speakers
The last decade has seen an explosion of digital profiling techniques on the molecular scale. The next decade will see a similar explosion in digital profiling of phenotypic outputs driven by advances in imaging and robotics. The Danforth Center’s 15th Annual Fall Symposium will highlight cutting-edge science that has led to real biological understanding in a wide range of organisms.
tolerance in crops such as wheat and barley. Dr. James Janni, Senior Research Manager
Schappe, Webster University Mentor: Dr. Eliot Herman Gene Expression in Wheat (Triticum aestivum
wheat lines against Fusarium head blight Samuel Crowell, West Virginia University Lab: Dr
stress tolerance in crops such as wheat and barley. Dr. Todd M. DeZwaan, Monsanto Company, . Research in Dr. Poland’s group is focused on wheat genetics and germplasm improvement, selection methods in wheat breeding. In the area of germplasm development, Dr. Poland’s group is focused on developing new breeding lines with resistance to the major pests of wheat including stem rust
, cold tolerance, and grain quality in wheat. In February 2016, Dr. Pearce joined Colorado State, to understand the genetic basis of important traits in wheat. Current projects include studies, the nutritional quality of wheat, and investigating abiotic stress resistance, such as frost tolerance, of flowering reduces frost tolerance. This phenomenon causes problems for Australian wheat and barley
Malia Gehan
of being models plant systems. Brachypodium distachyon is a C3 grass closely related to wheat, barley