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The Plant Pulse February 25, 2011
The Plant Pulse is a new feature of the Danforth Center Roots and Shoots Blog that will include a sampling of interesting stories about world hunger and malnutrition, food security, climate change, biofuels, agriculture, the environment, conferences ...
and maize genes to make a protein called zeolin. Ag Innovation Showcase will be on May 23
The Plant Pulse April 13, 2012
  Danforth Center receives $711,656 for internship program  St. Louis Business Journal “These grants help expand our program by supporting additional interns to engage in an international research environment with a diverse set of research ...
significant losses to rice, wheat, maize, potatoes and soybeans, according to the researchers who
Meet 14th Annual Fall Symposium's Speakers 961
The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center will be hosting its 14th annual Fall Symposium from Wednesday, September 26th – Friday, September 28th, 2012. This year’s symposium will feature lectures by influential experts from all across the world who w ...
and Walbot to study maize transposable elements (TEs). After moving to the International Plant
Collaborative Project to ‘Turbocharge’ Rice and Reduce World Hunger Enters Important New Phase
The project has been described as ‘one of the great undertakings in plant sciences of the early 21st century’.
in plants like maize and sorghum. If rice could be ‘switched’ to use C4 photosynthesis, it would
Plant Pulse
The Plant Pulse is a feature of the Danforth Center Roots and Shoots Blog that includes a sampling of interesting stories about world hunger and malnutrition, food security, climate change, biofuels, agriculture, the environment, conferences and events, and the impact of plant science.
in a Popcorn x Dent Maize Genetic Cross.” California Winemakers Brace for Drought Impacts KQED
A Postdoc looks into ways to Increase Yield
Roots & Shoots’ April Guest blogger: Sarit Weissmann a Postdoctoral Associate in Dr. Tom Brutnell’s lab, Enterprise Institute for Renewable Fuels at the Danforth Center.                 All living, multicellular organisms originate fro ...
feed, food and bioenergy crops, such as sugarcane, Miscanthus, switchgrass, maize and sorghum. C3
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Ask A Plant Scientist: Ivan Baxter, Ph.D.
Ivan Baxter, Ph.D., USDA-ARS Research Scientist joined the Danforth Center in 2009 as an Assistant Member and Principal Investigator. Ivan’s research uses high-throughput elemental profiling to measure the elemental composition of plant tissues.The data is used to understand how the interactions of elements, genes, and the environment determine the elemental composition of plants and allow plants to adapt to different environments.
researchers here at the Center. I also have a project working with maize. We focus on those two, . They have a lot of experience with building gene networks and maize genetics that are important components to our project. Also, a large number of maize genetics researchers are working on similar
with John Doebley on the genetics of maize domestication. For her post-doctoral, she worked, are using genetic, genomic and computationally intensive approaches in maize and other grasses, the nutritional content of maize grain. Dr. Brutnell received his B.S. in biology from the University, he was the co-lead author on the maize genome sequencing paper (Science) and a co-corresponding author on a Nature Genetics paper that reported the re-sequencing of six additional maize haplotypes