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Burgeoning Biodiversity
Danforth Center Prairie Dedicated and Celebrated
—and they are distant cousins of many of the staple foods we eat, like corn and wheat. The prairie restoration
Ask A Plant Scientist: Ivan Baxter, Ph.D.
Ivan Baxter, Ph.D., USDA-ARS Research Scientist joined the Danforth Center in 2009 as an Assistant Member and Principal Investigator. Ivan’s research uses high-throughput elemental profiling to measure the elemental composition of plant tissues.The data is used to understand how the interactions of elements, genes, and the environment determine the elemental composition of plants and allow plants to adapt to different environments.
soybean seeds and corn kernels. The data is used to perform genetics and modeling to understand how, is trying to understand how plants, mainly corn and soybean, take up elements from the environment, : Why study corn and soybeans over other crops? A: Soybeans are the primary organism to study for USDA
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is an ear of corn. Now, scientists know how they—and many other plants—are related, (St. Louis Public Radio) Danforth Center’s corn study could make crops more resilient, to learn how a changing climate could affect the fertility of corn and other major crops. Read More
The Danforth Center Collaborates With the University of Illinois to Develop More Efficient Crops that Will Use Less Fertilizer to Produce More Yield
Research will focus on enhancing nitrogen use efficiency.
the fertilizer, offering both economic and environmental benefits. Maize, also known as corn
Inspiration from Fields of Wheat to Bundles of Images
This month’s guest blogger discusses his passion for agriculture research
Inspiration from Fields of Wheat to Bundles of Images, Roots & Shoots March Guest Blogger, Jeffrey Berry, Senior Computational Scientist, in the Bart Lab. Until I was 22 years old, my family owned 88 acres of land in the middle of nowhere in Illinois. It was our little paradise. On this typical Midwestern farm we grew wheat, soybean, and corn. We had apple trees, a pear tree and a lake where we could catch fish. But my favorite thing about the farm wasn’t fishing or apple picking. My
Plant Pulse
The Plant Pulse is a feature of the Danforth Center Roots and Shoots Blog that includes a sampling of interesting stories about agriculture, the environment, food security, climate change, bioenergy, events and the impact of plant science.
in the 1990s, it was targeted primarily to producers of Midwestern row crops, especially corn, soybean
Announcing New Research to Address Global Food Security and the Sustainability of Coastal Golf Courses
The Danforth Center’s mission to improve the human condition through plant science directly translates to addressing the food security and sustainability challenges in our world.
biofuels feedstock, because it needs less water than corn and therefore can be grown on less productive
Monsanto Acquires Agricultural Technology Leader Divergence, Inc.
“We extend our sincere congratulations to the team at Divergence.  This is further validation of their extraordinary work.  Becoming part of the Monsanto team will give them access to resources that will accelerate their work to bring critical solu ...
cost farmers billions of dollars in damages each year to crops like corn, soy, cotton and vegetables
The Plant Pulse May 27, 2011
The Plant Pulse is a feature of the Danforth Center Roots and Shoots Blog that includes a sampling of interesting stories about world hunger and malnutrition, food security, climate change, biofuels, agriculture, the environment, conferences and even ...
at “Seeds of Change,” on Wednesday, June 8, 7:30 – 9:00 a.m. Biofuels and Food Security -Corn
(Chicago Tribune) Feeding the 7 billion
U.S. can't afford to stand pat on food innovation The human population will top 7 billion later this year, on its way to 9 billion in 2050. How will we feed all those people? Federal bureaucrats have an answer: Don't look at us. Government fu ...
in farm-program giveaways. The subsidies for corn ethanol combine bad policy with unconscionable