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Influential Environmental Advocates Open 2015 Conversations Series
Let's Talk About... From the Clean Water Act to Everglades Restoration: 40 Years of Conservation
Influential Environmental Advocates Open 2015 Conversations Series , From the Clean Water Act to Everglades Restoration: 40 Years of Conservation ST. LOUIS, MO – The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center’s Conversations Series will kickoff its 2015 series on Thursday, April 16, 2015, not-for-profit organizations to restore natural ecosystems, protect wildlife and curb air and water, from Hermann to the Confluence and Florida Bay Forever - A Story of Water from the Everglades
(St. Louis Today) Big cash reserve powers vision for plant center here
FIVE QUESTIONS • James Carrington, president of Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, says focus on agriculture and biofuels will pay off within years. Since James Carrington landed the lead role at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, the c ...
down and do it with fewer inputs, including water and fertilizer? Water, we know, is a precious
The Power of Corporations Adopting Sustainability
“Inspiring. Amazing. Thought-provoking.” These are some of the words guests used to describe remarks given by environmental economist Peter A. Seligmann, chairman and CEO of Conservation International at the SEEDS of CHANGE event on October 14, 2015. 
, he addressed grand challenges such as deforestation, climate change, diminishing water supply, environmental sustainability by reducing water and energy use and increasing the amount of recyclable
(St. Louis Business Journal) Data farming: Researchers using drones, data to beat drought
Researchers in the state are unleashing the latest technology — everything from big data to drones — to study plants and improve yields for Missouri’s multi-billion-dollar agricultural industry amid an uncertain climate.
’s study will look down to the genome-level at drought tolerance and water-efficiency in corn, genetic traits control water-efficient features. Researchers also will look at how shoots, leaves
Ion Chromatography
million. Most biological materials will need to be diluted 100-1000 fold. Water samples may, analysis service, anion analysis, inorganic ion analysis service, water sample analysis service, soil
New Discovery Will Enhance yield and quality of Cereal and Bioenergy Crops
A team of scientists led by Thomas Brutnell, Ph.D., have developed a new way of identifying genes that are important for photosynthesis in maize, and in rice
and water that make carbohydrates we eat and cell wall polysaccharides; the sugars that are important
The Future of Food in a Wealthier, Warmer World
Join us March 8 for Conversations #ConvoSTL
renewable resources for all. In addition, they clean water and soil and improve the quality of air
Leading Foundation Working to Empower Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa Taps Danforth Center
Leading Foundation Working to Empower Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa Taps Danforth Center
. Sorghum is among the most efficient crops in terms of conversion of solar energy and use of water
Thanks to each of you for your role in what I believe is a noble effort to make the world a better and safer place for humans and many other living things.
resources of earth, air and water. Such knowledge will not come from one person or group. We have come
Danforth Center Hosts the 18th Annual Fall Symposium “Genetics and Genomics of Crop Improvement”
Plant science has the potential to generate discoveries that can yield more food and energy for people while preserving our planet’s environment. 
varieties provide significant advantages in addressing societal challenges such as reducing water