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Meet 14th Annual Fall Symposium's Speakers 961
The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center will be hosting its 14th annual Fall Symposium from Wednesday, September 26th – Friday, September 28th, 2012. This year’s symposium will feature lectures by influential experts from all across the world who w ...
and Walbot to study maize transposable elements (TEs). After moving to the International Plant
Plant Pulse
The Plant Pulse is a feature of the Danforth Center Roots and Shoots Blog that includes a sampling of interesting stories about world hunger and malnutrition, food security, climate change, biofuels, agriculture, the environment, conferences and events, and the impact of plant science.
in a Popcorn x Dent Maize Genetic Cross.” California Winemakers Brace for Drought Impacts KQED
Arabidopsis Camelina Castor Maize Poppy Rice Sweet Potato Tobacco Tomato Wheat If you
Meet the 2019 William H. Danforth Plant Science Fellow
Suresh Pokhrel grew up on his family’s farm in Nepal, and now he is using his passion for agriculture to study the analysis of small RNAs in plants in Dr. Blake Meyer’s Lab at the Danforth Center.
farmers, growing rice, maize, vegetables, and beans, to feed the family and occasionally there was enough
Ask A Plant Scientist: Ivan Baxter, Ph.D.
Ivan Baxter, Ph.D., USDA-ARS Research Scientist joined the Danforth Center in 2009 as an Assistant Member and Principal Investigator. Ivan’s research uses high-throughput elemental profiling to measure the elemental composition of plant tissues.The data is used to understand how the interactions of elements, genes, and the environment determine the elemental composition of plants and allow plants to adapt to different environments.
researchers here at the Center. I also have a project working with maize. We focus on those two, . They have a lot of experience with building gene networks and maize genetics that are important components to our project. Also, a large number of maize genetics researchers are working on similar
Danforth Center Scientists Uncover a Genetic Mechanism that Could Enhance Yield Potential in Cereal Crops
Precise Regulation of Plant Hormones in Early Reproductive Development as a Target for Yield Increases
cereal crops and bioenergy feed stocks such as maize, sorghum, switchgrass and sugarcane
International Collaboration Receives Grant to Advance Improvements in Cassava Harvests and Nutrition for Smallholder Families in Sub-Saharan Africa
Virus-resistant and nutritionally-enhanced Cassava for Africa.
most important staple food crop after maize in sub-Saharan Africa. Approximately one-third
Recipients of African Women in Agricultural Research and Development Award Work to Improve Food Security
The career development program brought three women to the United States to study current scientific techniques to help improve global food security.
through genetic engineering of insect resistant maize. Ngozi Edoh from Nigeria researched cassava
Announcing New Research to Address Global Food Security and the Sustainability of Coastal Golf Courses
The Danforth Center’s mission to improve the human condition through plant science directly translates to addressing the food security and sustainability challenges in our world.
, such as maize or wheat. Grain sorghum is very resilient to drought and heat stress. Studying the genetic
The Economist- Cassava Second helpings of tapioca pudding
Jan 27th 2011 | MACHAKOS, KENYA, AND ST LOUIS, MISSOURI | from PRINT EDITION Hardy and humble. But healthy? FRANCIS MUTUNGI, a farmer in dry eastern Kenya, stands engulfed by his cassava plants, the bright green leaves spreading out like six-fi ...
Africa’s overlooked crops. You plant it alongside maize or beans. If those fail, eat the cassava