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The Danforth Center Collaborates With the University of Illinois to Develop More Efficient Crops that Will Use Less Fertilizer to Produce More Yield
Research will focus on enhancing nitrogen use efficiency.
the fertilizer, offering both economic and environmental benefits. Maize, also known as corn, technology, CRISPR/Cas9 to induce a very specific change in in the maize genome. The new analytical
Danforth Center Scientists Discover Gene that Influences Grain Yield
Deep sequencing impacts food and bioenergy crops
maize.” The grass Setaria has been proposed as a model for food and bioenergy crops for its, a mutant pool to identify the causative mutation and confirmed a homologous gene in maize played
Translating and broadening the impact of scientific discoveries
From Setaria to Maize; From Bench to Local Communities
a model plant Setaria viridis to maize, the economically most important crop grown in the U.S., . viridis and economically important grasses like maize, sorghum and sugarcane facilitates
New Research Characterizes the Evolution of Genetic Pathway for Reproductive Fitness in Flowering Plants
Previously, this pathway was thought to be present only in grasses.
in maize as part of a project supported by the National Science Foundation. Quite unexpectedly, we, that maize, a monocot and member of the grass family, requires this pathway for full male fertility
Discover the features of the new growth chambers
both short and tall plants such as maize and sorghum in anticipation of increased research interest
Research Institute to Improve Crop Productivity in the Developing World
Science improving food security with collaboration.
on cassava, sweet potato, rice, maize, cowpea, sorghum, banana and millets. “The Institute
(New Scientist) Cassava packs a protein punch with bean genes
 by Andy Coghlan A DEADLY poison could save the lives of millions of African children, thanks to the discovery that cassava can be duped into turning about half of the cyanide it makes into extra protein. Although cassava is a major source of carbo ...
, and his team bumped up the protein content to 12.5 per cent by adding bean and maize genes to make
The Plant Pulse July 6, 2012
  Drought hits 56 percent of continental US; 'significant toll' on crops MSNBC- US News The Drought Monitor noted that the drought is starting to "take a significant toll" on food supplies. "In the primary growing states for corn and soybeans ...
cassava varieties, orange flesh sweet potatoes, genetically modified maize in Kenya and South
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center Welcomes New Principal Investigator
As expansion efforts continue to advance, the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center has hired Andrea Eveland, Ph.D., as a principal investigator and assistant member. 
), American Society of Plant Biologists, and the Maize Genetics Cooperative. ### For additional
(St. Louis Business Journal) Danforth Center, universities win $20 million from NSF to study climate impact
A state-wide research collaboration that includes the nonprofit Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and St. Louis universities has won a five-year, $20 million grant from the National Science Foundation to study the effects of climate variability.
. As part of the project, two Danforth scientists will analyze the maize genome for drought tolerance