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Preserving Natural Resources for Future Generations

“We share a mutual responsibility as stewards of this Earth,” stated Nathaniel. “Stewardship of mother Earth is part of our collective and individual duty. We are all in this together.”

– A Story of Water from the Everglades to the Keys. From left to right, Dan Burkhardt, Nathaniel, of billions of gallons of contaminated water pouring out of Lake Okeechobee that has led to the loss, rely on the surrounding bodies of water for their work. “We face a number of issues,” said Eric
(HispanicBusiness.com) WUSTL engineers to study process of moving iron from soil into plants
Two Washington University investigators are combining forces with  Ivan Baxter, PhD, USDA research scientist at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center among others to study process of moving iron from soil into plants.
, through water and into the plant. “Iron is hard to move from the soil into the plant because it has, to determine how the iron gets from the soil mineral into the water by interacting with a range, , the team plans to hold a one-day Soil-Water-Plant Summit next spring to foster additional
Announcing New Research to Address Global Food Security and the Sustainability of Coastal Golf Courses
The Danforth Center’s mission to improve the human condition through plant science directly translates to addressing the food security and sustainability challenges in our world.
by salt, according to the United Nations University’s Institute for Water, Environment and Health, that have the potential to produce turfgrass varieties that require less fresh water and fewer chemical, biofuels feedstock, because it needs less water than corn and therefore can be grown on less productive, such as water and pesticides. Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter @DanforthCenter
BRDG Park to be U.S. home for International Agtech Company
  "We are proud that SyMyco will be part of one of the fastest-growing sectors of Missouri's economy," said Governor Jay Nixon. "This is an enterprise that could've gone anywhere in the world," said BRDG Park President Sam Fiorello, explaining ...
reliance on water and fertilizers while boosting crop yields. SyMyco is a joint venture partner with Oregon
The Plant Pulse May 4, 2012
  International Humanitarian of the Year Award Roots & Shoots The World Affairs Council of St. Louis announced that it will recognize the efforts of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center led by Dr. William H. Danforth, chairman of the ...
, agriculture must find ways to convert less habitat; use water more efficiently; and manage land, soil and water in ways that strengthen, not degrade, the environmental services they provide, a lot more water over the growing season and if you add to that many years of the model projections, you are going to see big changes in the water supply." Danforth Center’s “Conversations” Series
Solving Complex Problems Starts with Scientific Discovery
The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center is in pursuit of sustainable solutions to some of the most pressing global challenges of the 21st century.
Solving Complex Problems Starts with Scientific Discovery, The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center is in pursuit of sustainable solutions to some of the most pressing global challenges of the 21st century. Solving complex problems at the nexus of food, water and energy starts with scientific discovery. The Center houses 165 scientists who work in teams to develop and apply convergent technologies that take advantage of natural diversity in native and agricultural plants, Big Data approaches
(Slate) Sorry, Chipotle, Some Conveyor Belts Are Good for Agriculture
The $3.5 million, 1,755 sq. ft. addition to the Danforth Center, scientists can monitor plant growth, photosynthesis, and water content with Walter White-like precision. By way of conveyor and robotic arm, test plants receive meticulous portions of everything they need—the conveyors truck them through watering and nutrient stations—in addition to near-constant checkups from three kinds of imaging systems.
monitor plant growth, photosynthesis, and water content with Walter White-like precision. By way, growth properties, we can tweak them to capture energy, conserve water, or use fertilizer more, movie of growth. Near-infrared imaging analyzes water content. And fluorescent imaging allows, for bioenergy in an attempt to make them more efficient in water usage and drought resistance. Whether
The Plant Pulse August 31, 2012
Danforth event will examine growing world of bioinformatics St. Louis Beacon Mockler said that bioinformatics has become a serious focus at Danforth since the appointment of Dr. James Carrington as president. Carrington was director of Oregon State ...
"There will not be enough water available on current croplands to produce food for the expected 9, ," the report by Malik Falkenmark and colleagues at the Stockholm International Water Institute
Lab News
: Reducing the Amount of Water Needed to Grow Nutritious Food, Fiber and Fuel New discoveries can help us grow more nutritious food using less land, soil and water while reducing, Better water, better jobs: World Water Day 2016 Almost half of the world's workers are employed in water-related sectors. Read More
(AGWeb) How Resurrection Plants Could Lead to More Drought-Tolerant Crops
Recent genome sequencing of Oropetium grass has given researchers a blueprint in distinguishing genes related to phenomenal plant resilience. 
(AGWeb) How Resurrection Plants Could Lead to More Drought-Tolerant Crops, A Lazarus heart beats inside an obscure grass. Rip it from the soil; throw it on the counter; walk away; let it dry out and turn brittle. Looks dead and should be dead. But splash on a bit of water and life comes forth, are regulated.” Oropetium endures harsh, rocky terrain in Africa and India. When lacking water, it shows, dormant yet viable for years. The embryo stays alive and can germinate. Essentially, add water