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Danforth Center Hosts the 18th Annual Fall Symposium “Genetics and Genomics of Crop Improvement”
Plant science has the potential to generate discoveries that can yield more food and energy for people while preserving our planet’s environment. 
how crops grow, respond to stress and can be more rapidly and efficiently improved,” said Blake Meyers, Ph.D., member at the Danforth Center, professor, Division of Plant Sciences, University
Technology Transfer
DDPSC0048* Homologous Recombination via Transcriptional Activation Blake Meyers, Rebecca Bart PCT/US18/65756 DDPSC0088 Synthetic Induction of 22nt tasiRNAs Blake Meyers
Current Graduate Students
Aleksandra Beric University of Missouri-Columbia Mentor – Blake Meyers, Ph.D. Adam Bray, Suresh Pokhrel University of Missouri - Columbia Mentor – Blake Meyers, Ph.D. Yuan Su
Danforth Center Selected to Participate in NSF’s “10 Big Ideas, Understanding the Rules of Life” Research Effort
Awards will help researchers determine the relationship between genes and their functions in organisms
. Kira Veley,” said recipient Blake Meyers, Ph.D., principal investigator and member, Donald Danforth, recombination in plants as a tool to test gene function Blake Meyers, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
NSF Invests in Collaborative Research to Improve Key Crops' Resilience to Higher Temperatures
Research addresses concerns about reduced harvests of corn and other cereal grasses
by Blake Meyers, Ph.D., principal investigator and member, Danforth Center and Professor, Division, . Meyers and his collaborators at Stanford University and the University of Delaware will investigate, fertility and plants with fertility that is more resilient to distressed environments,” said Meyers
Cutting Edge Plant Technology Inspires the Danforth Center's Fall Symposium
The event will focus on Genetics and Genomics approaches to enhance crop productivity.
improved,” said Blake Meyers, Ph.D., member at the Danforth Center, professor, Division of Plant
KMOX Profiles: Sam Fiorello view Dr. Blake Meyers: Researching RNA Regulation of Reproduction
Lab Don MacKenzie's Lab Blake Meyers' Lab Allison Miller's Lab Todd Mockler's Lab Dmitri
Ask a Postdoc: Alex Harkess
Alex Harkess, National Science Foundation Plant Genome Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow in Dr. Blake Meyer’s Lab answers a few questions about his research and life at the Danforth Center as a postdoc.
to continue your career at the Danforth Center? I had the pleasure to meet Blake Meyers previously through, Ask a Postdoc: Alex Harkess , Featuring Alex Harkess, National Science Foundation (NSF) Plant Genome Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow in Dr. Blake Meyer’s Lab. Harkess is currently researching small RNA evolution across the land plants, with a particular focus on 21 and 24nt phasiRNAs. Q: What, angiosperm Amborella. Before Blake joined the Danforth Center as a principle investigator in January of 2016
Welcome 2018 REU Summer Interns
(Tyler) Rusnak, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, hosted in the Blake Meyers laboratory Aimee