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(AidsNews) Uganda: Cassava conference to tackle climate change head-on
16 May, 2012  by Neil Palmer An important announcement from our colleagues at the Danforth Plant Science Center:  Global alliance to gather to consider strategies for overcoming challenges of global climatic change at international cassava conferenc ...
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Global gathering features leading authorities on cassava research
Presentations to address a wide variety of issues impacting production and food security ST. LOUIS, MO, May 29, 2012—An impressive lineup of the leaders in cassava research and development from around the globe will present during the second scienti ...
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Global Alliance shares Progress and Considers Strategies to use Modern tools to Unlock the Promise of Cassava
Kampala, Uganda, June 22, 2012—Global leaders in cassava research have drawn up an action plan to unleash the potential of cassava as a key crop to boost food security, tackle poverty and address a changing climate. Over half-a-billion people in sub ...
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