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Saint Louis University Student Dives Into Plant Genomes
Guest blogger, Grace Kenney explores advanced techniques in the Meyers' Lab.
and intern in Dr. Blake Meyers’ Lab. The scientific community has made incredible advances, opportunity to intern in Blake Meyers’, Ph.D. laboratory as part of my master’s degree program in Bioinformatics at St. Louis University. My work in the Meyers’ laboratory primarily focused on structural, type that she had never worked with. It was no easy feat.” Working in the Meyers’ lab
Research Areas
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39 North Innovation District Plan Unveiled Blake Meyers, people living in the U.S. and in the developing world. Research Team Dr. Blake Meyers, Principal Investigator Blake Meyers received his undergraduate degree in biology from the University
New Research Characterizes the Evolution of Genetic Pathway for Reproductive Fitness in Flowering Plants
Previously, this pathway was thought to be present only in grasses.
innovations that made them so successful. The research, led by Blake Meyers, Ph.D., member, Meyers. “There are some key differences between the pathway in eudicots and in grasses, in these groups of plants.” Meyers explained that the long-standing view was that this pathway was specific to the grasses. In a companion piece of work, Meyers and his colleagues have demonstrated, in eudicots, Meyers and his team are using Fragaria vesca, a diploid, also known as woodland
Meet the 2019 William H. Danforth Plant Science Fellow
Suresh Pokhrel grew up on his family’s farm in Nepal, and now he is using his passion for agriculture to study the analysis of small RNAs in plants in Dr. Blake Meyer’s Lab at the Danforth Center.
been a member of Dr. Blake Meyers Lab at the Danforth Center where the primary emphasis, applied for a Ph.D. position in Blake Meyers’s lab. Pokhrel received a graduate research assistantship
Mizzou and Danforth Center Leaders to be Featured at the Conversations Program
Let’s Talk About… People, Plants and Partnerships: The Mizzou Connection 
of the University of Missouri (MU) and Blake Meyers, Ph.D., principle investigator, Danforth Center, the National Science Foundation. Blake Meyers, Ph.D., Blake Meyers, Ph.D., joined the Center, history of plant science in the region,” said Meyers. “It is all about building on synergies, with the University of Missouri. Dr. Meyers' research focuses on genome-scale studies of RNA
Lab News
39 North Innovation District Plan Unveiled Blake Meyers, Ph.D., Society of Plant Biologists Blake Meyers is the 2017 Recipient of the Charles Albert, (People Behind the Science) Dr. Blake Meyers: Researching RNA Regulation of Reproduction in Plants, Welcome to the team, Blake Meyers! Read More Friday, 18 December 2015, , National Science Foundation Plant Genome Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow in Dr. Blake Meyer’s Lab
CONVERSATIONS SERIES: “Big Ideas - Meeting Grand Challenges”

Join us Thursday, November 16, 2017 for a very different Conversations!

CONVERSATIONS SERIES: “Big Ideas - Meeting Grand Challenges”, On Thursday, November 16, the Danforth Center will host a Conversations Series event, “Big Ideas – Meeting Grand Challenges,” featuring three teams of Center scientists. TEAMS Team Bart (Becky Bart Lab) Team Meyers (Blake Meyers Lab) Team Topp (Chris Topp Lab) Dan Lin Patricia Baldrich Lee Douangkeomany Anne Phillips Ryan DelPercio Nate Ellis Jeff Berry Margaret Frank Mao Li
39 North Innovation District Plan Unveiled Directory Dr. Blake Meyers' Lab, Blake Meyers 314-587-1422 314-587-1522 bmeyers@danforthcenter.org Principal Investigator
39 North Innovation District Plan Unveiled Directory Dr. Blake Meyers, Blake Meyers 314-587-1422 314-587-1522 bmeyers@danforthcenter.org Principal Investigator