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and maize. She investigated three components of the genetic engineering process in order to aid
Mutants of Maize Iosif Neitzke, Truman State University Mentor: Dr. Brad Barbazuk MicroRNA
, Ph.D. Iowa State University "The maize genome: New complexities and opportunities
Malia Gehan
, rye, and rice. Setaria viridis is a C4 grass that is closely related to maize, sorghum, miscanthus
NSF Invests in Collaborative Research to Improve Key Crops' Resilience to Higher Temperatures
Research addresses concerns about reduced harvests of corn and other cereal grasses
to the role of these small RNAs. The project will focus on maize anthers because of the ease of staging
Tissue Culture & Transformation
, tobacco, petunia, tomato, Arabidopsis, soybean, Indian mustard, maize, rice and various different
Meet Our IN2 Cohort: Intrinsyx Bio
Intrinsyx Bio has an idea to help more plants make use of gaseous nitrogen, which could translate into major benefits for farmers and our environment.
one important crop, maize. This fundamental understanding of the mechanism that underlies
Blake Meyers
, maize, soybean, rice, and diverse other species. These data are being used to identify novel transcripts
Statement from President James Carrington
, Setaria, Maize, Brachypodium, Switchgrass, Algae, VIRCA, Conversations-Series, Arabidopsis, Camelina
of ABA biosynthetic genes in maize roots. J Exp Bot 61, 3395-3405. | PubMed | Grobe, N., Lamshoft, ). Metabolomic and proteomic changes in the xylem sap of maize under drought. Plant Cell Environ 31, (2007). Cell wall proteome in the maize primary root elongation zone. II. Region-specific changes, , and Schachtman, D.P.(2006). Characterization of the maize xylem sap proteome. J Proteome Res 5, 963-972, ). Cell wall proteome in the maize primary root elongation zone. I. Extraction and identification