Thomas Brutnell, Ph.D.

As the Director of the Enterprise Institute for Renewable Fuels, a primary objective of Tom’s program is to expand the research portfolio to include the use of model plant systems to accelerate gene discovery and the development of second-generation lignocellulosic feedstocks.  This work will complement ongoing algal research and provide new opportunities for forming academic and industrial partnerships.

Thomas Brutnell 

Member and Principal Investigator / Director of the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Institute for Renewable Fuels, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
Chief Science Officer, Benson Hill Biosystems
Scientific Advisory Board Chair, NRGene
Adjunct Professor, Washington University Department of Biology
Adjunct Professor, University of Missouri-Columbia Department of Biological Sciences
Adjunct Professor, Cornell University

Current Research Team Members

Jennifer Arp
Matthew Baca, Visiting Graduate Student (Washington University)
Yingying Cao
Pu Huang
Hui Jiang
Indrajit Kumar
Dong-Yeon Lee
Xiaoping Li
Ying Rong
Christine Shyu
Zhonghui Wang
Jinxia Wu, Visiting Scientist (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences)

Former Research Team Members

Tim Anderson (Elemental Enzymes)
Alexandra Chapovskaya, Summer Intern 2014
Carla Coelho
Alyssa Cradic
Priscilla Glenn, Summer Intern 2015
Allison Huskey, Summer Intern 2016
Kazuhiro Kikuchi (Syngenta)
Carol Laiben (Koven Technology, Inc.)
Julia Lambret-Frotte, Visiting Scientist 2014-2015 (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)
Tak Lee, Visiting Scientist 2015 (NETBIOLAB at Yonsei University)
Erin Mattoon, Summer Intern 2015
Kimberly Maxson-Stein (The Pregnancy Pause)
Dustin Mayfield-Jones (University of Illinois)
Rachel Mertz (University of Missouri)
Kelsey Reed, Summer Intern 2017
James Schnable (University of Nebraska)
Anthony Studer (University of Illinois)
Lin Wang (Monsanto)
Sankalpi Warnasooriya (Danforth Center-Education Outreach)
Sarit Weissmann (Danforth Center-Mockler Lab)
Quan Zhang (NewLeaf Symbiotics)
Yang Zhang (Hainan University, China)
Hui Zhao, Visiting Scientist 2016 (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences)
Dennis Zhu, Visiting Graduate Student 2016 (Washington University)
High School Interns: Neil Boes, Matt Butler, Margaret Derdeyn, Jennafer Voss, Xinyu He
Volunteers:  Anna Lu, Alex Smith