Ru and her algae ball for 2017 Girls STEAM, June, 2017

Ru and her art! Sun paper images of leaf shape
 in outreach program for 2017 Girls STEAM, June, 2017

Algae culture in Zhang Lab


 Zhang Lab at the 2017 DDPSC Annual Science Retreat, May 2017 (Potosi, MO)

Photo May 23, 12 05 08 PM

 The first day of James at DDPSC, with Ru, Ningning, and Will, May, 2017

 The first day of Ningning at DDPSC, with Ru and Will, May, 2017


Ru and Will at the Danforth Center Winter Fest Party, Dec, 2016

Ru, Will, and Michelle at the first Zhang Lab Happy Hour
at the Danforth Center