James Carrington, Ph.D.

James Carrington is President of the Danforth Plant Science Center. He has studied the diversity and functions of endogenous small RNA pathways that control gene silencing in plants and other organisms. He also identified and characterized key principles of virus-host interactions, including the role of RNA silencing in antiviral defense. Currently, his work focuses on the function and diversification of RNA silencing pathways that affect development and disease in model plants and pathogens.


ASRP Database The Arabidopsis Small RNA Project seeks to characterize and functionally analyze the two major classes of endogenous small RNAs - microRNAs (miRNAs) and short-interferring RNAs (siRNAs).
CASHX The CASHX Pipeline is used to process read data output from Illumina and other HTS technologies. The pipeline can be used to parse, map, quantify and manage large quanities of sequence data.
TargetFinder Targetfinder predicts small RNA targets in a sequence database using a plant-based scoring metric. Click the link to access the code on GitHub.
P-SAMS The Plant Small RNA Maker Suite (P-SAMS) can be used to design artificial microRNA (amiRNA) and synthetic trans-acting small interfering RNA (syn-tasiRNA) for small RNA-based, specific gene silencing or knockdown in plants.
MASS Mapping and Alignment with Short Sequences (MASS).

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