Kristine Callis-Duehl

With STEM jobs increasingly becoming the fuel for our economy, I strive to improve recruitment and retention into the pipeline, particularly for underrepresented groups. I endeavor to foster a love of learning from our youngest learners through our life-long learners.

Research Summary

Knowledge is power and science fuels the future. As such, my goal is to promote access to science education for every student around the world. My research program focuses on both K-12 education and Undergraduate+ education through student engagement in content, participation in authentic science practice and improvement in science communication. 

Our K-12 program provides education on sustainable food production in food deserts (Green Means Grow), creating and validating tools to measure students’ understanding of plant science (through Mutant Millets) and using citizen science projects to engage students in authentic science practice while providing opportunities to improve their own communities and foster a sense of agency and science identity. These projects utilize both synchronous, formal educational settings, such as classrooms, and asynchronous and informal educational settings, such as virtual reality and online discussion boards to promote learning through a variety of educational settings.

Our Undergraduate+ program offers opportunities for scientists create Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs) for community colleges and primarily-undergraduate institutions. Through these CURE labs, students engage in authentic research experiences by running Danforth experiments that further the research agenda of the DDPSC labs, while learning the importance of productive failure and creating a sense of community and science identity within the lab courses.


Kristine Callis-Duehl
The Derick and Sally Driemeyer Director of Education Research and Outreach

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