LTQ-Orbitrap Velos from ThermoFisher Scientific online with TriVersa from Advion or nanoLC Ultra from Eksigent

  • ESI Chip of TriVersa consists of an array of 400 nanoelectrospray emitters with different inner diameters allowing for flow rates of 20 to 300 nL/min.
  • The nozzles on the ESI Chip provide a long, stable spray, and in infusion mode, eliminate sample-to-sample carryover.
  • TriVersa can be used as Chip-based infusion or LC/MS fraction collection
  • TriVersa can be couple to any conventional HPLC system to the TriVersa NanoMate for MS analysis
  • Higher pressure capability of the NanoLC-Ultra platform to allow to use longer columns and/or columns packed with smaller particles for higher resolution separations of complex (digested) protein samples
  • Self-priming and self-purging pumps for easier changing of solvents
  • Temperature-controlled column compartment for maintaining exceptional retention time reproducibility
  • Resolution of 60,000 at m/z 400 at a scan rate of 1Hz
  • Mass accuracy of < 3 ppm with external calibration
  • Equipped with HCD cell for more efficient quantitation of isobaricallylabeled peptides
  • Equipped with Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD) to generate complementary information for highly sensitive PTM analyses and de novo sequencing
  • Parallel MS and MSn analysis