The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center's Advanced Bioimaging Laboratory furnishes up-to-date instrumentation for cellular imaging - we encourage you to contact us for your imaging needs. 

The laboratory’s premiere instrument for live cell imaging is a Leica SP8-X confocal microscope equipped with white light laser, resonance scanner and HyD detectors. In addition to this we have other fluorescence microscopes to meet our users' needs.

The laboratory has a workstation for confocal image processing, equipped with Bitplane Imaris (for 3D and 4D image reconstruction, tracking, and colocalization analysis) and SVI’s Huygens deconvolution software (for improved signal:noise and resolution), including modules for colocalization, object tracker and object analyzer. The Nyquist calculator can be used to determine the correct settings on the confocal microscope to meet Nyquist resolution standards.

The laboratory's electron microscopes include a LEO 912 AB energy-filter transmission electron microscope (TEM). We have state-of-the-art specimen preparation for TEM: ultra-rapid freezing done using a Bal-Tec high pressure freezer.  We also have the ancillary equipment required for transmission electron microscopy. The laboratory has two Hitachi SEMs: the TM1000 tabletop SEM for ease of use, including no need for sample prep, and the S2600 H, for higher resolution (~4nm) imaging using a secondary electron detector. The S2600 H has variable accelerating voltage (0.5-30kV) and full stage positioning controls. Ancillary SEM prep equipment includes a critical point dryer and a sputter coater.

The laboratory director Kirk Czymmek has considerable experience in the study of plant cell structure and he serves as a resource for users in designing and implementing their imaging experiments. We will be expanding our services in the fall of 2019.

Services are provided to any interested party and are designed with convenience in mind for the client. For those wanting to use the instrument themselves, qualifying for the self-service fee schedule, this can be done after training by ABL staff. On the other hand, full service is also available, putting the work in the hand of our experienced staff.


Kirk Czymmek, Ph.D.
Director, Advanced Bioimaging Laboratory 

Danforth Plant Science Center
975 N. Warson Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63132
(314) 587-1261