Core Facility COVID-19 Guidelines

Guidelines For Customer Use Of Danforth Center Core Facilities During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Information linked from this page is revised periodically to reflect any updates related to access to building, core facility services, and safety guidelines approved by the CDC and the Danforth Center.

Access to the Danforth Center Building and Core Facilities is for employees of the Center and for authorized customers and outside users.

Step 1: Gaining Access to the Danforth Center Core Facilities

Internal (Danforth Center Scientific Staff) Users:
Please confirm with your PI/Manager to ensure you have been approved by Danforth Center Leadership to access the core facilities as Part of the Phase 1 Return to Work Plan. If you don’t have an approval, request your PI/Manager to send a message to Danforth Center Leadership and wait for approval notification before you plan to access the core facility. 

External Users (Commercial and Academic) Users:
In order to access core facilities, external users intending to use core facility resources/services need to have a contract in place with Danforth Center. For occasional needs, please reach out to the specific Core Facility Director to schedule a visit.

Individuals authorized to use our core facilities must first register at the front desk and obtain a key card for entry (companies must authorize their individual employees) and attend required safety training. Please contact the appropriate core facility manager or director if you are interested in using our core facilities or would like additional information.

If an employee of an existing customer needs access, they should ask the authorized official in their company to communicate with Keith May, Director of Security at the Danforth Center and have the individual added to the list of authorized persons.

Danforth Center Wellness Certification:
Wellness Certification is required for everyone who enters the Danforth Center building. This certification can be accomplished by using the link that is emailed daily to those on the list of authorized persons, or via QR code displayed as a smaller size sign on the front desk if you enter through the front door.

Step 2: Follow Core Facility specific guidelines outlined below for Users: