Schedule of Events

Wednesday, September 25
12:00 pm  Registration, Poster Set-up, and Vendor Show
2:00 pm James Carrington, Ph.D., Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
“Opening Remarks”
   PhenoDays Session
2:15 pm Robert Furbank, Ph.D., High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre, CSIRO
"Phenotyping photosynthesis, biomass and growth from the pot to the paddock"
3:00 pm Brenda Andrews, Ph.D., Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research, University of Toronto
"From phenotypes to pathways: Global exploration of cellular networks using yeast functional genomics"
3:45 pm Break, Poster Viewing, and Vendor Show
4:15 pm David Kramer, Ph.D., Michigan State University
“Next generation phenometrics reveal dynamic plant responses”
5:00 pm Poster Viewing (even-numbered) Mixer, and Vendor Show
Thursday, September 26
8:30 am Coffee, Poster Viewing, and Vendor Show
   Emerging Leaders Session
9:00 am Anjali Iyer-Pascuzzi, Ph.D., Purdue University 
Chris Topp, Ph.D., Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
"Image-based phenotyping technologies for understanding root development:
From genome to phenome"

9:45 am Jesse Poland, Ph.D., USDA-ARS and Kansas State
"A field-based high-throughput phenotyping platform for plant genetics and breeding"
Michael Gore, Ph.D., Cornell University
“The genetic dissection of stress-adaptive traits in cotton”
10:30 am Break, Poster Viewing, and Vendor Show
11:00 am Shital Dixit, Ph.D., PhenoFab/KeyGene
“Deciphering 'digital traits' towards predicting crop yield”
11:30 am Todd DeZwaan, Ph.D., Monsanto Company
“High-throughput phenotyping for agricultural product development”
12:00 pm Mikhail Berezin, Ph.D., Washington University School of Medicine
"Identification of spectroscopic signatures of biological tissues in exNIR spectral range"
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Monsanto Lecture presented by David Logan, Ph.D., Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
“Phenotyping in increasingly physiologically relevant contexts"
3:00 pm Break, Poster Viewing, and Vendor Show
3:30 pm Robert Tanguay, Ph.D., Oregon State University
“Rapid phenotypic screening in zebrafish: High content data for 21st century toxicology"
4:00 pm John Vogel, Ph.D., USDA-ARS
“Phenomic analysis of natural and induced variation in Brachypodium distachyon”
4:30 pm Michael Malone, Ph.D., Monsanto Company
"The Maker Movement: An engine to drive 21st century scientific innovation"
5:00 pm Poster Viewing (odd-numbered), Mixer, and Vendor Show
6:00 pm Dinner
Friday, September 27
8:30 am Coffee, Poster Viewing, and Vendor Show
9:00 am Randall Peterson, Ph.D., Massachusetts General Hospital
"Automated, in vivo screening for behavior-modifying compounds"
9:45 am Edgar Spalding, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
"Machine vision for quantifying dynamic phenotypes in mutant and naturally varying populations"
10:30 am Break
11:00 am Bettina Berger, Ph.D., The Plant Accelerator, University of Adelaide
"High-throughput phenotyping to dissect complex traits in crops”
11:30 am  Robert Pless, Ph.D., Washington University
"The climate from the ground up: Trying to use all the world’s webcams"
12:00 pm Rick van de Zedde, Wageningen UR
"Rapid 3D reconstruction of plants and the benefits for phenotyping and robotics"
12:30 pm  Ivan Baxter, Ph.D., USDA-ARS/DDPSC
Todd Mockler, Ph.D., DDPSC
“Poster Awards and Closing Remarks”
12:45 pm  Adjournment