Schedule of Events

Wednesday, September 26
12:00 pm  Registration, Poster Set-up, and Vendor Show
2:00 pm Jim Carrington, Ph.D., The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
"Opening Remarks"
2:15 pm Sarah O’Connor, Ph.D., The John Innes Centre
"Understanding and engineering alkaloid biosynthesis"
3:00 pm June Medford, Ph.D., Colorado State University
"Synthetic signal transduction and synthetic design of traits for human needs"
3:45 pm Break, Poster Viewing, and Vendor Show
4:15 pm Christina Smolke, Ph.D., Stanford University
"Molecular tools for probing and manipulating biological pathways"
5:00 pm Poster Viewing for Posters 1 - 24, Mixer, and Vendor Show
6:00 pm Mixer
Thursday, September 27
8:30 am Coffee, Poster Viewing, and Vendor Show
9:00 am Pamela Silver, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School 
"Designing biological systems for health and sustainability"
9:45 am Kristala Jones Prather, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
"Teaching an old bacterium new tricks"
10:30 am Break, Poster Viewing, and Vendor Show
11:00 am Michelle Chang, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
"Constructing synthetic pathways for production of advanced biofuels"
11:30 am Doug Allen, Ph.D., USDA-ARS/DDPSC
"Extending isotope-labeling based metabolic flux analysis in plant tissues"
12:00 pm Maciek Antoniewicz, Ph.D., University of Delaware
"Metabolism in motion: Towards dynamic 13C-metabolic flux analysis"
12:30 pm Lunch on Miller Terrace
1:30 pm Jeff Bennetzen, Ph.D., University of Georgia
"Analysis of plant genetic determinants of associated microbial composition"
2:15 pm Insuk Lee, Ph.D., Yonsei University, Korea
"Network-assisted dissection of the stress response system in plants"
3:00 pm Break, Poster Viewing, and Vendor Show
3:30 pm Molly Megraw, Ph.D., Oregon State University 
"Promoter architecture in plant model systems"
4:00 pm Julius Lucks, Ph.D., Cornell University
"Chimeric RNA regulators for engineering gene networks"
4:30 pm Chad Myers, Ph.D., University of Minnesota
"Systems-level insights from large-scale analysis of genetic interactions in yeast"
5:00 pm Poster Viewing for Posters 25 - 48, Mixer, and Vendor Show
6:00 pm Dinner on Miller Terrace
Friday, September 28
8:30 am Coffee, Poster Viewing, and Vendor Show
9:00 am Monsanto Lecture presented by
Philip Benfey, Ph.D., Duke University

"Development rooted in emergent properties of regulatory networks"
9:45 am A.J. Marian Walhout, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts
"Gene regulatory networks"
10:30 am Break
11:00 am Michael Brent, Ph.D., Washington University in Saint Louis
"Mapping functional transcription factor networks"
11:30 am  Ken Birnbaum, Ph.D., New York University
"Global analysis of single cells in Arabidopsis development"
12:00 pm Dmitri Nusinow, Ph.D., Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
"Daily growth control by the circadian clock"
12:30 pm  Doug Allen, Ph.D., USDA-ARS/DDPSC, and Todd Mockler, Ph.D., DDPSC
"Poster Awards and Closing Remarks"