2018 Intern Projects

Tara Caso
Humboldt State University

Allen Lab
"Investigating seed composition over development in soybean FN lines altered in central carbon metabolism"
Shara Chopra
The Pennsylvania State University

Nusinow Lab
"Temporal control of PCH1 protein abundance is important for regulating plant photo/thermal growth responses"
Andreya Dupree
Alcorn State University

Topp Lab
"Variation in root growth zone size across NAM founder lines"
Emily Eul
University of Illinois

Eveland Lab
"Explorig a novel mechanism for non-coding RNAs in the regulation of inflorescence architecture in maize"
Emily Hagerott
Knox College

Pandey Lab
"Role of heterotrimeric G-proteins in regulating plant growth and development"
Samantha Myers
Washington University in St. Louis

Bart Lab
"Characterizing the CMD2 resistance locus and differential gene expression in CMD2-type cassava lines"
Bram Osterhout     
Washington University in St. Louis
​Shah Lab
"Insights into the mode of antimicrobial action of a novel Nodule-specific Cysteine-Rich (NCR) peptide from chickpea"
 Paton-Spring Break Profile Pic  
Andrew Paton
University of Arizona

Zhang Lab
"Characterization of Heat Stress Response in Green Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"
Alexandria Pokorny
Fontbonne University

Mockler Lab
"Accelerating gene discovery in sorghum using high-throughput image analysis in PlantCV"        
Nick Rosenthal
Vanderbilt University

"Separation, identification, and quantification of stereoisomers in the inositol phosphate family isolated from C. reinhardtii"
 Rusnak-IMG_5701 (2)  
Byron Rusnak
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Meyers Lab
"Enhancing wild strawberry and duckweed transformation with Wuschel and Baby boom"           
Aimee Schulz
Iowa State University

Topp Lab
"Dro ortholog expression across Zea"                      
 Tiley- Headshot  
Ellie Tiley
Oberlin College

Carrington Lab
"Investigating interactions between eIF4E isoforms from distantly related plant species and CBSV and TuMV VPg proteins"                       
 Valdez - RValdez_Photo  
Ryan Valdez
University of Arizona

Umen Lab
"Using Chlamydomonas reinhardtii to investigate the connection between the inositol polyphosphate biosynthetic pathway and TOR signaling"                       
Brandon Vestal
University of Missouri - St. Louis

Baxter Lab
"Fine-mapping of a QTL associated with cadmium accumulation in maize"             
Seren Villwock
Lewis & Clark College

Gehan Lab
"Analyzing Setaria viridis growth and pollen germination rates in response to temperature and water stress using PlantCV image processing" 
Jeffrey Yen
Cornell University

Kellogg Lab
"Comparison of secondary cell walls of leaf vascular bundles in C3 and C4 grasses"