2014 Interns


Kaylen Bauer

University of Missouri-St. Louis

Lab: Dr. Jim Carrington Lab

Project:  Direct binding of SPL and TCP transcription factors to the ARGONAUTE7 promoter
Ferrin Collett

Oklahoma State University

Lab: Dr. Toni Kutchan Lab

Project: Can Artificial microRNAs Be Used to Improve Camelina sativa's Ability to Accumulate High-Value Compounds?

Amber Coyle
University of Missouri-St. Louis

Lab: Dr. Sam Wang Lab

Project: to be announced
Mayra Garcia Hernandez

Truman State University

Lab: Dr. Sam Wang Lab

Project: Functional Characterization of Phospholipases in Plant Growth and Stress Responses
Jessica Goldsworthy

Michigan State University

Lab: Dr. Meter Nusinow Lab

Project: Validation of the MMF1-phyB interaction in the tobacco transient expression system
Amelia Hallworth

University of Maryland, Baltimore

Lab: Dr. Becky Bart Lab

Project: Identification of Effector Proteins in a Newly Isolated Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. manihotis Strain and Investigation of their Role in Hypersensitive Response
Carolyn Highland

Waynesburg University

Project: Determining the Genetic Basis of Stomatal Density in Solanum pennellii Introgression Lines
Devynn Hummel

Southeast Missouri State University

Lab: Dr. Chris Topp Lab

Project: Quantifying the Effects of Genetic and Environmental Variation Via Phenomic Analysis of Maize Root Architecture
Evan Kesinger

Culver-Stockton College

Lab: Dr. Ivan Baxter Lab

Project: Genome-Wide Association Study of Ionomic Traits in a Maize Association Panel  
Nathan Lindsey

Cornell University

Lab: Dr. Ivan Baxter Lab

Project: Screening for Salinity Tolerance in Natural Accessions of Setaria viridis
Geralle Powell
Wellesley College

Lab: Dr. Toby Kellogg Lab

Project: Expression of suppressor of sessile spikelets (sos1) gene in the model grass speciesSetaria viridis
Gaby Rivera-Garcia

Universidad Metropolitana

Lab: Dr. Todd Mockler Lab

Project: Phenotypic and transcriptomic response to defoliation and wounding in Nicotiana benthamiana
Spencer Schreier

South Dakota State University

Lab: Dr. Sona Pandey Lab

Project: Cross-Kingdom RGS Effect on Gα Suggests Conservation in G-Protein Cycle Regulation
Taylor Sells
University of Texas at Dallas

Lab: Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry Facility

Project: Optimizing High pH/Low pH 2D-RPLC-MS in Phosphoproteome Analysis of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Joel Sher
Yale University

Lab: Dr. Becky Bart Lab

Project: Investigating Host Specificity and Type III-Secreted Virulence Factors in Xanthomonas Pathogens  
Rebecca Wilkes

Washington and Jefferson College

Lab: Institute for International Crop Improvement

Project: Evaluating the potential of overexpressing Arabidopsis cel1 leading to altered life span, increased vigor, and enhanced biomass
Jenny Wilson

Clemson University

Lab: Dr. Sona Pandey Lab

Project: Phosphorylation-dependent regulation of G-protein mediated signaling pathways
Kaisen Yao

Washington University in St. Louis

Lab: Dr. Doug Allen Lab

Project: Using Mass Spectrometry to Determine the Metabolic Fate of 13C Labeled Glucose in Soybean Embryos