2013 Interns

Morgan Clark
Western Illinois University

Dimitri Nusinow Lab

Project: Validating Protein Interactions Between MMF1 and the Evening Complex
Bethany Eason
Baylor University

Sona Pandey Lab

Project: Overexpression of UGT87A2 affects hormone and sugar response in Arabidopsis 
Stephanie Granada
Yale University

Ivan Baxter Lab

Project: Ionomic Screening of a Soybean Diversity Panel for Genome-Wide Association Analysis to Find the Genes Underlying Elemental Accumulation
Andrew Greenwell
Truman State University

Todd Mockler Lab

Project: Identification and Alteration of Key Transcription Factors Affecting the Arabidopsis Photosynthetic Pathway
Christian Henry
Hampton University

Doug Allen Lab

Project: Characterization of the Role of DCT2 in Maize Photosynthetic Development via 13C Isotopic Labeling
Cynthia Holland
Henderson State University

Toni Kutchan Lab

Project: Biosynthesis of cyclopamine intermediates in Camelina sativa
Sharnice Johnson
Mississippi Valley State University

Tom Smith Lab

Project: Cucumber Necrosis Virus: Investigating Virus Transmission
Tyler McCann
University of Florida

Sona Pandey Lab

Project: Comparative analysis of G-alpha and RGS protein-mediated GTP-hydrolysis across the plant kingdom
Livingston Nganga
University of Missouri-St. Louis

Todd Mockler Lab

Project: Cloning and yeast-one-hybrid assays of putative transcription factors involved in branching and tillering of Brachypodium distachyon
Erin Rhoads
Johns Hopkins University

Project: Light Harvesting and Carbon Fixation in C4 Phtosynthesis along Parallel Evolutionary Lines
Derrick Smith
Fort Valley State University

Ivan Baxter Lab

Project: Identifying Relationships of Soil Characteristics and Genotypes of Natural Seteria viridis Populations
Kaitlynn Troxel
Central Methodist University

Institute for International Crop Improvement

Project: Testing the potential of Arabidopsis GG3 in Setaria viridis to enhance yield and water use efficiency (WUE)
Paul Tyler
Amherst College

Dilip Shah Lab

Project: Cell Penetration and Killing by Defensin-Derived Antifungal Peptide GMA4C
Elise Viox
Emory University

Ivan Baxter Lab

Project: A Quantitative Genetic Analysis of the Maize ionome
Dennis Zhu
University of Missouri-Columbia

Jim Umen Lab

Project: Characterization of the vip1-1 mutant in green microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Anne Zimmerman
Georgia College and State University

Sam Wang Lab

Project: Functional Analysis of Phospholipases in Response to Abiotic Stresses in Arabidopsis thalania
Angela Zou

Sam Wang Lab

Project: Identification and characterization of lipid-binding proteins potentially involved in lipid signaling