2011 Interns


Back row: Correy Jones, Alex Goel, Nick Reed, Calvin Johnson, Ally Saettele, John Laborde, Kristen Latta, Justin Pieper, Xavier Price Front row: Christina Azodi, Samantha Montoia, Sheri Balogun, LaShondra Arnold, Christine Diepenbrock, Michelle Tang, Michelle Mitchener, Anne Kearney

LaShondra Arnold
Georgia State University
Dr. Roger Beachy Lab
Mentor: Dr. Shunhong Dai
Project: Interaction of Proteins Involved in the First Committed Step of Tetrapyrrole Biosynthesis 
NSF REU intern

Christina Azodi
Middlebury College
Dr. Richard Sayre Lab
Mentor: Dr. Shayani Pieris/Dr. Sangeeta Negi
Project: The impact of the inhibition of the photorespiratory and starch biosynthesis pathways on oil and biomass production in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Sheri Balogun
Washington University in St. Louis
Dr. Tom Smith Lab
Mentor: Dr. Ming Li
Project: Bacterial Expression, Purification, and Structure Determination of LCIB from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Christine Diepenbrock
Washington University in St. Louis
Dr. Doug Allen Lab
Mentor: Dr. Doug Allen and Jim Gierse
Project: Using proteomics, mass spectrometry, and isotopic labeling to assess subcellular metabolism in soybean embryos
NSF REU intern

Alex Goel
Yale University
Dr. Dilip Shah Lab
Mentor: Dr. Jagdeep Kaur
Project: Characterization of the resistance of transgenic Arabidopsis lines expressing plant defensin MtDef4 to Fusarium graminearum 
NSF REU and Yale BBTBM intern

Calvin Johnson
Fort Valley State University
Plant Tissue Culture and Transformation Lab
Mentor: Kevin Lutke
Project: Cryopreservation of BY2 Cells
NSF REU intern

Correy Jones
University of Florida
Dr. Eliot Herman Lab
Mentor: Dr. Monica Schmidt
Project: Cloning and subsequent characterization of a novel soybean endosperm promoter
NSF REU intern

Anne Kearney
Connecticut College
Dr. Ivan Baxter Lab
Mentor: Dr. Aimee Terauchi
Project: Identification of quantitative trait loci controlling growth in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
NSF REU intern

John Laborde
Liberty University
Dr. Sona Pandey Lab
Mentor: Dr. Sona Pandey and Dr. Roy Choudhary
Project: Biochemical Characterization of RGS and G-alpha Proteins of Soybean
NSF REU intern

Kristen Latta
Arizona State University
Dr. Dick Sayre Lab
Mentor: Narayanan Narayanan
Project: Characterizing Transformants of Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii with Potential for Increased Carbon Dioxide Availability

Michelle Mitchener
Cedarville University
Dr. Dilip Shah Lab
Mentor: Dr. Uma Sagaram
Project: Characterization of transgenic Arabidopsis lines expressing variants of plant defensin MtDef4 against fungus Fusarium graminearum
NSF REU intern

Samantha Montoia
Westminster College
Dr. Jan Jaworski Lab
Mentor: Dr. Joel Clement
Project: Cloning, Expression, and Preliminary Characterization of Ricinus communis AGPAT9, a Putative Glycerol-3-Phosphate Acyltransferase

NSF REU intern

Justin Pieper
Washington University in St. Louis
Dr. Howard Berg Lab
Mentor: Dr. Howard Berg
Project: Nucleation and development of TMV viral replication complexes on endoplasmic reticulum of tobacco leaf tissue

NSF REU intern

Xavier Price
Fort Valley State University
Dr. Oliver Yu Lab
Mentor: Dr. Yechun Wang
Project: Metabolic Engineering of the unnatural fusion protein {4CL::STS} in Yarrowia lipolytica to enhance the production of Resveratrol
NSF REU intern

Nick Reed
Truman State University
Dr. Toni Kutchan Lab
Mentor: Dr. Dan Ruzicka
Project: Isolation, Expression, and Functional Characterization of Esterases in the Emetine Alkaloid Biosynthesis Pathway of Psychotria ipecacuanha
NSF REU intern

Allison Saettele
University of Missouri-St. Louis
Dr. Sam Wang Lab
Mentor: Dr. Maoyin Li
Project: Cloning Patatin-Related Phospholipase A Genes from Soybean and Rice and Over-express them in Model Plant Arabidopsis for Oil Biosynthesis and Biofuel Study

Michelle Tang
University of Missouri-Columbia
Dr. Sam Wang Lab
Mentor: Dr. Maoyin Li
Project: Cloning patatin-related phospholipase A genes from Arabidopsis and express them in Arabidopsis, soybean and green algae for oil biosynthesis and biofuel study
NSF REU intern