2010 Interns


Back Row: Yezenia Cisneros, Michael Ortiz, Whitley Stewart, Paul Soon, Anthony Becker, Nicole Scheidler 
Front Row:Denyse Schrenker, Rhea Thompson, Brittney Thomas, Renelle Langie, Daphne Benzaquen, Ashley Muehler, Tabitha Williford

Anthony Becker
University of Tulsa
Ivan Baxter Lab
"Bulk segregant analysis with single nucleotide polymorphism microarrays" 

Daphne Benzaquen
Miami University (Ohio) 
Toni Kutchan Lab 
"Site-directed mutagenesis studies of candidate substrate binding sites in salutaridine reductase from Papaver somniferum" 

Ashley Muehler 
Missouri University of Science & Technology 
Toni Kutchan Lab 
"Site-directed mutagenesis studies of C-terminal cysteine residues in salutaridine reductase from Papaver somniferum" 

Yezenia Cisneros 
University of Texas – Pan American 
Dilip Shah Lab 
"Characterization of Arabidopsis thaliana line expressing MtDef 1 against Fusarium graminearum" 

Renelle Langie 
Xavier University (Louisiana) 
Jonathan Markham Lab 
"Elongation of sphingolipids" 

Michael Ortiz 
Cornell University 
Sam Wang Lab 
"Cloning of phospholipases and their related PLA genes for the study of lipid metabolism and biofuel production" 

Whitley Stewart 
Fort Valley State University 
Richard Sayre Lab 
"Determining positive transformants showing the presence of the BleR gene and if there is expression of the BleR gene in positive clones in Chlorella protothecoides" 

Tabitha Williford 
Georgia Southern University 
Richard Sayre Lab
"Identification and prevention of contaminants in algal biofuel producers" 

Nicole Scheidler 
Franciscan University of Steubenville
Tom Smith Lab
"Enzyme cloning and purification of human GDH" 

Brittney Thomas 
Truman State University
Claude Fauquet Lab
"Evaluation of pathogen resistance in nutritionally enhanced cassava" 

Denyse Schrenker 
Truman State University
Oliver Yu Lab
"Phenotype screening for P450 gene in Arabidopsis" 

Paul Soon 
The College of New Jersey
Oliver Yu Lab
"Engineering of the fatty acid biosynthetic enzymes acyl-activating enzyme 13 (AAE13) and acyl carrier protein synthase 1 (ACPS1) for the enhancement of plant lipid production" 

Rhea Thompson 
University of Hawaii at Hilo
Sona Pandey Lab
"The multiplicity and interaction specificity of soybean Gγ proteins"