2009 Interns


Back row: Derek Mattern, David Higgins, Alyssa Burkhardt, Nick Calcaterra, Matthew Kilgore, Simone Williams, Bridget Conlon, Will Musgrave, Daniel Thomas 
Front Row: Lauren Dedow, Renisha Thompson, Halima Stringer, Claire Ellery

Alyssa Burkhardt, Butler University
Lab: Dr. Chris Taylor
Mentor: Dr. Valentina Carballo-Portela
Project: Characterization of cell wall composition during root knot nematode infestation in Arabidopsis

Nicholas Calcaterra, University of Missouri-Columbia
Lab: Dr. Liming Xiong
Mentor: Dr. Hao Chen
Project: Mapping mutant phenotype controlling genes in EMS mutagenized Arabidopsis thaliana

Bridget Conlon, University of Dayton
Lab: Dr. Claude Fauquet
Mentor: Mohammad Abhary
Project: Transcriptome study of transgenic Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) expressing enhanced protein and vitamin content

Lauren Dedow, Michigan Technological University
Lab: Dr. Jan Jaworski
Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Markham
Project: Isolation and analysis of sphingolipids in fungi

Claire Ellery, College of William and Mary
Lab: Dr. Richard Sayre
Mentor: Narayanan Narayanan
Project: Decreasing cyanide toxicity and increasing protein content of cassava with hyroxynitrile lyase and vacuolar linamarase

David Higgins, North Carolina State University
Lab: Dr. Richard Sayre
Mentor: Dr. Brad Postier
Project:Survey of local algae strains and their potential for biofuel production

Matthew Kilgore, Eastern Kentucky University
Lab: Dr. Leslie Hicks
Mentor: Dr. Sophie Alvarez and Ashley Galant
Project: Optimization of GCL extraction and changes in expression of proteins containing disulfide bonds with exposure to salicylic acid

Derek Mattern, Concordia College
Lab: Dr. Toni Kutchan
Mentor: Dr. Toni Kutchan
Project: Mutagenesis of the NADPH-cytochrome P450 reductase gene from Eschscholzia californica and expression in Pichia pastoris

Will Musgrave, Washington University in St. Louis
Lab: Dr. Sam Wang
Mentor: Dr. Maoyin Li
Project: Cloning and functional analysis of phospholipase A genes in hormone accumulation and pathogen defense in Arabidopsis

Halima Stringer, Jackson State University
Lab: Dr. Eliot Herman and Dr. Howard Berg
Mentor: Dr. Monica Schmidt
Project: Light-induced autophagy during soybean seed germination

Daniel Thomas, Cedarville University
Lab: Dr. Mark Running
Mentor: Dr. Xuehui Feng
Project: Investigating the role of prenyltransferase enzymes in plant drought resistance

Renisha Thompson, Fort Valley State University
Lab: Dr. Claude Fauquet
Mentor: Dr. Sareena Sahab
Project: Molecular and histological studies of transgenic cassava lines generated through cotyledon method of transformation

Simone Williams, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
Lab: Dr. Sona Pandey
Mentor: Dr. Naveen Bisht and Dr. Niraj Nirala
Project: Understanding hormonal signal transduction of brassinosteroids and abscisic acid in Arabisopsis thaliana