2008 Interns


Christina Chai, Mercy College
Lab: Dr. Dilip Shah
Project: Genetic and molecular characterization of transgenic wheat lines against Fusarium head blight

Samuel Crowell, West Virginia University
Lab: Dr. Sam Wang
Project: Characterization of phospholipase function in pathogen defense and auxin response of Arabidopsis thaliana

Angel Del Valle Echevarria, University of Puerto Rico
Project: Analysis of vector backbone integration patterns in Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of cassava

Karishma Furtado, University of Chicago
Lab: Dr. Liming Xiong
Project: The Hunt for HOS5: Utilizing Positional Cloning to Map a Negative Regulator of Osmotic Stress Induced Gene Expression in Arabidopsis thaliana

Kassimier Haynes, Norfolk State University
Project: The Ontogeny of de novo Formed Protein Bodies in Soybean Seeds During Development and Germination

Timothy Helbig, Carnegie Mellon University
Lab: Dr. Jan Jaworski
Project: The importance of Long-Chain Base Hydroxylation and Longevity Assurance Gene Homologues in Arabisopsis Sphingolipid Metabolism

Matthew Juergens, Webster University
Lab: Dr. Joe Jez
Project: The biochemical characterization of B cyanoalanine synthase

Justina Moodie, Mercy College
Lab: Dr. Howard Berg
Project: Use of Electron Tomography to model TMV infected Arabidopsis Leaf Cells

Charlie Ponder, III, Fort Valley State University
Lab: Dr. Chris Taylor
Project: Investigating Root Knot Nematode Infection of Amino Acid Transport Mutants.

Amy Silva, The University of Texas-Pan American
Lab: Dr. Ed Cahoon
Project: Determining the Function of Sphingolipid LCB Desaturation in Arabidopsis

Amanda Smith, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Lab: Dr. Oliver Yu
Project: Expression patterns of miRNA TARGETS during symbiosis in soybean

Erica Smith, Langston University
Lab: Dr.Toni Kutchan
Project: Recombinant opium poppy salutaridine synthase and salutaridinol acetyltransferase expression in Pichia pastoris

Elise Walck, Truman State University
Lab: Dr. Roger Beachy
Project: Determining the Role of the Box II on Rice Tungro Bacilliform Virus Pathogenicity

Rachel Waller, University of Missouri-Columbia
Project: The effect of varying light and temperature on viral infection in Nicotiana benthamiana