2006 Interns


Standing (l to r): Jake Elmer, Maxim Schillebeeckx, Amy Schroeder, Tim Anderson, Dan Lueders, Alice Hui, Eric Lockhart, Antionette Dickens, Vicky Kasten, Dan Factor, Safira Sutton
Sitting (l to r): Jessica Winburn, Hassana Salifu, Amy Stewart, Laura DeVault, Blair Mobley, Yadira Rivera

Tim Anderson, Colorado State University
Dr. Tom Smith's Lab
"Expression and Purification of human Glutamate Dehydrogenase mutants"

Laura DeVault, Rice University
Dr. Oliver Yu's Lab
"Effect of root isoflavone composition on colonization of Soybean by rhizobia"

Amy Schroeder, Truman State University
Dr. Joe Jez's and Dr. Oliver Yu's Lab
"Biochemical Characterization of Tyrosine Ammonia Lyase"

Antionette Dickens, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Dr. Toni Kutchan's Lab
"Characterization of the recombinant O-Methyltransferase putatively involved in the modification of polyketides in Drosophyllum lusitanicum"

Daniel Factor, Hiram College
Dr. Sam Wang's Lab
"Phospholipase Da1 Mediated Signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana"

Alice Hui, University of Missouri-Columbia
Dr. Liming Xiong's Lab
"Natural Variations in Drought Rhizogensis and Drought Tolerance in Arabidopsis"

Vicky Kasten, Missouri Baptist College
Dr. Dilip Shah's Lab
"Interactions between Osmotic Stressors and Defensins in Germinating Medicago truncatula Seeds"

Eric Lockhart, Fort Valley State University
Dr. Daniel Schachtman's Lab
"Testing substances found in the xylem sap of drought stressed corn to determine whether they enhance ABA induced stomatal closure"

Blair Mobley, University of Missouri-Columbia
Dr. Daniel Schachtman's Lab
"The Role of Ethylene in Plant Response to Nutrient Deficiency"

Daniel Lueders, University of Missouri-Columbia
Dr. Chris Taylor's Lab
"Investigating the Relationship between Jasmonic Acid and Parasitism of Arabidopsis thaliana by Meloidogyne incognita"

Yadira Rivera, Florida Community College at Jacksonville
Dr. Chris Taylor's Lab
"Effect of phosphate on hairy root formation by Agrobacterium rhizogenes"

Hassana Salifu, Fort Valley State University
Dr. Erik Nielsen's Lab
"Roles of RabA4b and related RabA GTPases in root hair growth"

Amy Steward, University of Missouri-Columbia
Dr. Erik Nielsen's Lab
"Phosphoinositide binding proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana"

Jake Elmer, University of Missouri-Rolla
Dr. Claude Fauquet's Lab
"Optimization of an RNAi Construct to Control African Cassava Mosaic Virus (ACMV)"

Maxim Schillebeeckx, St. Louis University
Dr. Brad Barbazuk's Lab
"Comparative Analysis of Alternative Splicing in Plants From Genes to Genome"

Safira Sutton, Fort Valley State University
Dr. Mark Running's Lab
"Functional analysis of the putative prenyltransferase subunit PPAL"

Vrajeta Joshi, Rowan University
Dr. Roger Beachy's Lab
"Understanding the function of Arabidopsis LMT bZIP proteins"

Jessica Winburn, Coker College
Dr. Roger Beachy's Lab
"Application of a plant gene-switching system to study epicuticular wax accumulation"