2003 Interns

Donnie Berkholz, University of Richmond 
Mentor: Dr. Thomas Smith 
Exploring the Need for Breathing of Human Rhinovirus and the Function of the 3A Protein
Model of human rhinovirus 

Loren Honaas, Southeast Missouri State University 
Mentor: Dr. Chris Taylor 
Characterization of A. rhizogenes T-DNA Genes Using RNAi
Roots induced by A. rhizogenes and visualized by GFP label 

Bob Gatti, Truman State University 
Mentor: Dr. Ed Cahoon 
Synechocystis 6803 as a Model System for Plant HPT and HGGT Gene Activity

Jean Kao, Cornell University 
Mentor: Dr. Thomas Smith 
Structural Studies on Cucumber Mosaic Virus
Model of the CMV coat protein 

Rachael Katz, Tulane University 
Mentor: Dr. Daniel Schachtman 
Expression of KUP/HAK K+ Transporters at Different Stages of Arabidopsis Development
Gene expression assay 

Sarah Knapke, Purdue University 
Mentor: Dr. Joe Jez 
Site-Directed Mutagenesis and Cloning of Plant Acyl-Acyl Carrier Protein Thioesterase
Diagram of site-directed mutagenesis 

Jessica Koczan, University of Missouri-Columbia 
Mentor: Dr. Liming Xiong 
Amplification of Stress Tolerance in Arabidopsis through the regulation of the ABA biosynthesis pathway
Root growth assay demonstrating effect of overexpression of biosynthesis gene 

Jolene Miesner, Truman State University 
Mentor: Dr. Mark Running 
Genetics and Cytology of Plurapetala
Confocal microscopy showing root meristem of mutant plant 

Tim Schappe, Webster University 
Mentor: Dr. Eliot Herman 
Gene Expression in Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Exposed to Low Temperatures
2-D gel showing changes in protein composition 

Rajiv Shah, University of Rochester 
Mentor: Dr. Dilip Shah 
Medicago truncatula and M. sativa Antifungal Defensin (Def 3): Gene Structure, Expression, and Antifungal Activity
Assay for antifungal activity 

Meghan Thorne, Bradley University 
Mentor: Dr. Erik Nielsen 
Identification and Yeast Two-Hybrid Analysis of Rab GTP-ase-Interacting Proteins
Yeast two-hybrid assay showing protein interaction 

Allen Wu, Truman State University 
Mentor: Dr. Oliver Yu 
Regulation of Isoflavone Synthase 1 and 2 Promoters by Bradyrhizobium in Soybean
A series of constructs with successive deletions