Intern Weekly Meeting: Monday, July 29, 2019

Time: 11:45-1:00 p.m.
Location: Theater
Lunch: Chipotle Mexican (tacos, bowls, salads, chicken, sofritas/tofu, guacamole, veggies, rice, black beans, chips, queso, tortillas and salsa)


• Exit survey due by August 4, 2019
    -Enter Danforth Center email address
    -Enter instrument number 87514
• Group photo-meet at 8:30 AM in atrium Friday 

• Review of Symposium-Change from original schedule, dress nice, group photo, schedule of talks, lunch, reception

• Place copy of presentation on public share drive  (G:\Summer interns\Symposium Presentations). IT will put your presentation on the laptop at the speaker's podium.

• Place copy of final paper on G:\Summer Interns\Final Paper

• Final proof of symposium program - last chance to let Donna know of any changes you have

• Departure Checklist-complete w/ mentor and turn in to HR on Friday with badges.  Notebooks should be given to your PI.
• Update your address in Paycom to where you want tax forms sent

• Apartment check-out:
  - All trash must be emptied in dumpster (or you will be fined)
  - Apartment must be cleaned
  - Last person to leave:
        *Set the thermostat to 78
        *Place 1 key in the lock box on the door (all other keys can remain inside apartment)
        *Email/Call HCS to let them know apartment is vacant: info@hamptonsuites.com or 314-567-0027

  - All apartments must be vacated by Saturday by 11:59 PM
Program feedback

Have a good school year and please keep in touch! NSF likes us to keep track of where you're at and what you're up to (helps convince congress to keep funding REU programs)
  - LinkedIn
  - Facebook
  - Email

-------------------NEXT WEEK-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Monday: We'll be back to the daily Danforth grind and hopefully you'll be off doing something fun before school starts :)