Intern Symposium-Friday, August 2, 2019

Each intern will present a summary of his/her research in the Center's William H. Danforth Wing Theater before an audience of scientific peers. Talks will be 12  minutes in length followed by a 3 minute question and answer period. The symposium will be followed by a reception.

Please feel free to invite your family, friends, and mentors (both within and outside of the Danforth Center).

All interns are expected to be present during the entirety of the symposium.

Schedule (updated 7/24/2019)



Lab & Mentor

9:00 AM

Introductory Remarks

9:10 AM

Patty Leyva, California State University Long Beach

Histological and gene expression analyses of abscission zone development in a variety of grass species.

Kellogg Lab

Dr. Yunqing Yu

9:25 AM

Akriti Bhattarai, University of Connecticut

Identification of Genes related to Water Use Efficiency in Drought Conditions in Pearl Millet (Pennisetum glaucum)

Eveland Lab

Max Braud

Dr. Jiani Yang

9:40 AM

Ellen von zur Muehlen, Amherst College

Assessing growth of wild-type and non-shattering mutants of Setaria viridis under temperature stress conditions

Gehan Lab

Dr. Malia Gehan

9:55 AM

Alex Liu, Cornell University

Using systems biology approaches to understand water deficit response in two related C4 grasses

Baxter Lab

Dr. Allen Hubbard

10:10 AM


10:30 AM

Ana Andriyash, University of New Mexico

Heterotrimeric G-proteins regulate heat stress response in Arabidopsis thaliana

Pandey Lab

Dr. Chien Ha

10:45 AM

Katherine Benza, Clemson University

Determining iron sensing mutants in arabidopsis through mutant screening

Nusinow Lab

Becca Bindbeutel

11:00 AM

Jessica Lee, Cornell University

S6 Kinase 2 is required for phosphate homeostasis and regulates glycerolipids remodeling in Arabidopsis

Wang Lab

Dr. Guangqin Cai

11:15 AM

Abbi Dingus, Ashland University

Optimization of Fluorescent Cell Wall Probes Applied to Bryophyte G-protein Mutants and Abscission Zones to Understand Cell Architecture


Dr. Kranthi Chebrolu

Dr. Kirk Czymmek

11:30 AM


1:30 PM

Zach Traylor,  Truman State University

Cytological and Genetic Characterization and Cloning of the Lag Mutant in Volvox carteri

Umen Lab

Dr. Minglu Gao

1:45 PM

Danny Greenblatt, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Genotypic and Phenotypic Characterization of Rubisco Activase-like Mutant of Green Algae Chlamydomonos reinhardtii Using Different Temperature Conditions

Zhang Lab

Dr. Jooyeon Jeong

2:00 PM

Nia Worth, Harris Stowe State University

Roots: What Goes Up Doesn’t Always Come Down

Topp Lab

Adam Bray

2:15 PM

Efia Nuako, Washington University

Using X-Ray CT to Capture Maize Primary Root Development

Topp Lab

Shayla Gunn

2:30 PM


2:45 PM

Amal Hamed, Washington University

The effect of temperature on the Sorghum-Xanthomonas holcicola interaction

Bart Lab

Dr. Qi Wang

3:00 PM

Olivia Gomez, Cornell University

Relating biofilm formation in Agrobacteria and Variovorax strains to Sorghum root development

Bart Lab

Dr. Mingsheng Qi

3:15 PM

Elizabeth De Meyer, Cornell University

Characterizing the molecular mechanism for CBSV VPg association with cassava eIF4E-susceptibility factors

Carrington Lab

Dr. Dan Lin

3:30 PM

Emma Smith, Florida Southern College

DS Screening for AlaAt7 in Zea Mays

Mockler Lab

Dr. Jennifer Arp

3:45 PM


4:00 PM

Eli Kallison, Humboldt State University

Exploration of Antiviral Effects of RNA-dependent RNA Polymerases 3, 4 and 5 in Arabidopsis

Meyers Lab

Sashka Beric

4:15 PM

Phillip Woolley, University of Texas at Austin

Determining the Poly(A) length of SOC1 mRNA in late, early, and normal flowering plants

Slotkin Lab

Diego Cuerda-Gil

4:30 PM

Cooper Hostetler, McDaniel College

On the inverse correlation of protein and oil in soybeans: Examining the effects of altered central carbon metabolism on seed composition using Soybean Fast Neutron mutants

Allen Lab

Dr. Shrikaar Kambhampati

4:45 PM

Closing Remarks and Reception