Due date for current round of CSTM Travel Award applications is April 28 (2017-04-28).
Awards will be announced on or before May 10 (2017-05-10).

Please submit questions and applications to cstmtravelaward@danforthcenter.org (email must be sent through your Danforth Center OWA account).

●  Three travel fellowships of up to $1000 each will be awarded once a year to support DDPSC scientists to present at a scientific meeting or attend a workshop.
●  All scientific staff, including research scientists, postdocs, graduate students, technicians, assistants, and laboratory managers are eligible to apply. An individual may apply for consecutive years of funding, but preference will be given to individuals who have not previously received a CSTM travel award. Facilities managers are also encouraged to apply but must justify why the meeting was not included in their annual budget.


●  A panel of judges selected by CSTM will review all applications.
●  If the meeting/conference is postponed or canceled, CSTM should be informed within a timely manner. Applicants awarded a fellowship will be able to use the money for postponed meetings when they occur.

How to Apply – Documents Needed for Application

●  Abstract (400 word limit) of the work to be presented:
      ○  The abstract should clearly and concisely identify the aim(s), goal(s) and results/conclusions of the work presented.
      ○  Include, if known, whether the presentation will be oral or a poster.
●  Research and travel plan (1 page limit, single spaced, minimum of 10 point font) should include the following points:
      ○  Please include how your research is integrated into the main focus area of the lab and how this work is moving science forward. Include a statement on any new or novel application of technology or methods, if applicable.
      ○  Please clearly state your career goals and how this meeting/workshop will impact your career goals.
      ○  Please include a travel plan that includes the name of the meeting/workshop, location, date and a detailed travel budget with estimates of cost for travel, lodging, and registration (required).
      ○  Please clearly state if you have outside funding (e.g. fellowship) that provides travel funds/travel budget. If you do have a fellowship that provides travel funds, clearly state why you are requesting additional travel funds from CSTM.
      ○  Does the meeting/workshop you are planning to attend provide a travel fellowship? If yes, have you applied?
●  All the applications should be submitted via email in a pdf file.
●  Applications that exceed the page limit will not be reviewed.

Documents Required from Awardees

●  Itemized receipts need to be turned in to the CSTM treasurer to receive full reimbursement.
●  Awardees are required to be a member of the CSTM travel award committee and participate in committee meetings the year after receiving the award.

CSTM Travel Award Recipients

Alex Harkess (Meyers Lab)
Margaret Wilson (Nusinow Lab)
Chuanmei Zhu (Kellogg Lab)

Max Feldman (Baxter Lab)
Tariq Islam (Shah Lab)
Dianyi Liu (Umen Lab)

Kerrigan Gilbert (Carrington Lab)
He Huang (Nusinow Lab)
Michael McKain (Kellogg Lab)

Matthew Zones (Umen Lab)
Swarup Roy Choudhury (Pandey Lab)
Jackson Gehan (IICI)

Sankalpi Warnasooriya 
Ayano Miyagi (Umen lab)
Sa Geng (Umen lab)